Today there are many great ways to explore the mighty Amazon Rainforest, from eco-camps to design lodges or even working research stations. Of course, there’s also the option of a luxury Amazon cruise aboard a unique, specially designed vessel to access areas of rainforest that would be impossible on foot. A truly unique travel experience.

The beauty of an Amazon cruise is the range of options you have to choose from, with each boat offering its own character and style, route and wildlife-spotting opportunities. So whether you’re looking for facilities aplenty and sizeable cabins, or a boutique boat and exclusive waterways, there’s a personalized Amazon cruise for everyone.

At Atelier, we love any sustainable exploration of the Amazon Rainforest – whether on the water or by land – and are proud to showcase this marvel of Mother Earth in South America. For us, witnessing the majesty of the Amazon and its wildlife without disturbing native animals, bird and plant species from the comfort and serenity of a boat, is magical. Among other things, an Amazon cruise allows you to travel further and admire more biodiversity than if stationed in one location. You’ll get to sleep with the sounds of the jungle and explore different waterways and wildlife each day, all the while with knowledgeable crew and guides, comfortable cabins, daily excursions and even evening entertainment onboard.

Each following their own route and with different daily outings on offer, here we take a look at some of the best unique luxury Amazon cruises in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil, to give you the inspiration you need before booking your perfect trip.

1. Top Amazon cruises in Peru

With some of the most accessible waterways, well-planned routes and superb boats available in the Amazon, Peru is a top choice to see the rainforest’s natural wonders as part of a wider explorative trip.

Aqua Nera
Aqua Nera is a stylish, luxurious vessel where guests can enjoy gourmet cuisine designed by famous chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, an indoor and outdoor bar, plunge pool, onboard spa and gym, and indoor/outdoor lounge areas to unwind in. The boat holds 40 passengers and comes with a mix of talented crew and guides to make the most of your outdoor excursions and onboard downtime alike. Aqua Nera is a great choice for couples and solo travelers thanks to its grown-up feel and boutique stylings.

Aria Amazon
The 16-cabin Aria Amazon is another great boutique option, housing just 32 guests and proudly boasting a 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio. As such, service is slick and personal as you cruise Peru’s northern Amazon river region aboard this luxury vessel, with fine dining cuisine, an outdoor Jacuzzi, chic lounge and bar areas plus pristine cabins to also look forward to. Like the Aqua Nera, Aria Amazon is more suited to couples and solo travelers. The floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor sun beds are a particular highlight for watching the Amazon go by.

Delfin I
Delfin I stands out as one of the more exclusive luxury Amazon cruise options, carrying only 12 guests in its handful of beautifully adorned – and well-equipped – suites. While sailing on Delfin I you’ll be treated to fantastic service and subtle creature comforts like personal minibars and thick sofas, fine food, a relaxed observation deck and intimate outings thanks to the small group sizes available on this luxury Amazon option.

Delfin II
Able to accommodate up to 30 passengers, including families with interconnecting suites and cabins, Delfin II offers the same luxury levels as its sister ships, but is better suited for group travel and those with children. Covering the connected waterways around the  Peruvian Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Delfin II is a great choice for comfort and facilities with a spa room, library and lounge, exercise space and bar areas all onboard.

Delfin III
With 21 cabins and space to comfortably accommodate 43 passengers, Delfin III is the last – and largest – in the Delfin line of vessels, though emanates all the same class and style as its smaller sister ships. From pillow menus to the plunge pool, gym and spa to the bar and restaurant areas, Delfin III has it all. As a result, this luxury Amazon cruise vessel is a good option for couples, families and solo travelers alike, thanks to its size and facilities, comfort levels, look and feel.

The Zafiro is an elegant and super sleek luxury Amazon cruise ship, feeling more like a boutique design hotel than an exploration vessel. The style of the boat is modern and chic – think plush sunbeds, a cream and white color palette, and floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum wildlife-watching opportunities. There’s an outdoor jacuzzi, lounge bar, massage room and gym aboard this 20-suite boat, each coming with a balcony and other mod-cons that make it a good choice for couples, families and solo travelers.

2. Top Amazon cruises in Ecuador

Less developed – and lesser-known – than neighboring Peru, though no less spectacular, an Ecuadorian Amazon cruise offers the chance to get away from the crowds and see spectacular wildlife in abundance.

M/V Anakonda
Known for its many excursions and experiences as much as the onboard amenities and 18 well-equipped suites, the M/V Anakonda is a luxury Amazon cruise that has it all. While sailing quiet Ecuadorian waters aboard the Anakonda, you can enjoy the outdoor jacuzzi and sun deck, lounge rooms and a library, gourmet cuisine and more between numerous outdoor adventures – even the chance to meet local communities or go glamping in the forest.

Smaller than the M/V Anakonda though offering similar levels of comfort, the Manatee feels a little more intimate with its 10 suites and access to remote waterways suited to a vessel of this size. Onboard you’ll find a jacuzzi and observation deck with sunbeds, a spacious lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows and welcoming cabins complete with balcony to enjoy the wildlife night and day. In fact, it’s all about the wildlife while on a Manatee Amazon cruise, thanks to lots of daily excursions and expert guides.

3. Top Amazon cruises in Brazil

Brazil is synonymous with the mighty Amazon Rainforest, with 60% of the Amazon within its borders. As such, a luxury cruise makes for an excellent addition to any tour of Brazil – especially if the rest of your trip centers around the country’s bustling cities.

Iberostar Grand Amazon
The Iberostar Grand Amazon is grand in name and nature, with 74 cabins split over multiple decks as well as 2 swimming pools, a jacuzzi, massage room and gym, bar and restaurant areas, even an onboard disco! This is a great option for families and groups, both for the boat’s abundant facilities and plenty of excursions to keep everyone entertained.

Untamed Amazon
For something altogether different, choose the Untamed Amazon for your luxury cruise in Brazil. Holding just 16 passengers, the Untamed Amazon feels intimate and at one with the rainforest, more so thanks to its green credentials, solar-powered energy and state-of-the-art water treatment systems. The cabins are also very comfortable aboard the Untamed Amazon, and whilst there is a jacuzzi and massage room, restaurant and chic lounge area, it’s all about connecting with nature on this particular cruise.

No matter what your travel style, level of luxury or adventure, the precious Amazon Rainforest connects you with Mother Nature in a way like no other area can.

Speak to the travel specialists at Atelier and they will craft the perfect luxury Amazon cruise just for you.

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