We believe that travel can be transformative, enriching our souls through experiences and bringing us closer to people and realities we may never have imagined.

We are a boutique company and we are committed to behaving in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. We believe that Atelier should be a vehicle that helps this activity to positively impact all the actors involved in our operation and that not only reduces our footprint in the places we visit but also generates enthusiasm and development without affecting its authenticity.

Every big dream starts with small steps.

Travel Design

We focus on private experiences for small numbers of travelers, so that we can show a different side of our destinations, giving them the flexibility to enjoy each of them, avoiding crowds, and taking their own pace as much as possible so that they can incorporate transcendent experiences and enhance cultural exchange with the locals.

Friendly Advice

Each of our travel programs deserves not only the best ingredients but also the most suitable for each traveler according to their tastes, travel purpose, budget, and special interests. We are people advising people to achieve an unforgettable travel experience in South America.

Partners Curation

The selection process of our strategic partners, suppliers, and representatives involve a rigorous filter that guarantees a high-quality experience, authenticity, safety, and privileges those who develop sustainable practices that benefit their communities and collaborators. As believers in face-to-face contact, we love to meet our suppliers personally, live their experiences, know their advantages and disadvantages; best advise our travelers, and ideally sell only what has been experienced by at least one member of our team.

Environmental Care

We were born as an environmentally friendly organization by minimizing the footprint of our operations. As part of this objective, we optimize printing and the use of stationery at a general level, prioritize electronic media, use planet-friendly materials, reuse resources and encourage recycling among our team and suppliers, in addition to relying on state-of-the-art technological tools to link our customers to each of their trips.

Communications and Personal Information

Atelier aims for a close but always respectful relationship with our customers and partners through all our channels, protecting the privacy of their information and avoiding sending irrelevant or invasive communications, maintaining openness to manage any clarification, rectification, cancellation, or opposition.

The New Normal

Certainly, the COVID-19 pandemic has further increased our desire to discover incredible attractions, communities less touched by tourism and enjoy the spectacle of nature and outdoor experiences, for us, elements contained in our definition of luxury. All this has allowed us to adapt to new ways of traveling, operating, and exploring cities, communities, and attractions. We are respectful of regional health and safety regulations and adopt meticulous protocols that do not erode the quality of our experiences or personal interaction.

Changing the World Begins at Home

For Atelier, it is important that each member of our team knows their purpose, that they receive fair pay and benefits, as well as have the necessary tools to develop their work in a horizontal, flexible, and safe atmosphere, achieving a balance with their personal lives and getting a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. We believe in learning, unlearning, exploring, being creative, technological, detail-oriented, and working with a smile, after all, each one of us is an artisan of experiences, and our attitude towards life will be reflected in our journeys and activities.

For each member of the Atelier team, making each tailor-made trip a sustainable experience should be a way of life rather than a commitment hung on a wall.