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Atelier’s dream came true.
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“I’ve invested more than 20 years of my life traveling around South America, both exploring and on business trips, sharing stories of boundless beauty and incredible attractions with travel experts or the media, and meeting like-minded travelers from all over the world. I think all of this helps me understand the needs, cultures, expectations, and travel dreams or people who visit.

Atelier is the result of this passion – to help everyone that comes our way create their own amazing memories of this incredible continent, the one that we call home. Our vision is to showcase the real South America at all times through each individually crafted itinerary and unique experience. When we do this it not only makes a mark on our cherished traveling guests but also supports and sustains the host countries and communities we visit along the way.

Atelier’s mission is to use our combined decades of expertise, first-hand knowledge, in-country guides and deep experience to create bespoke journeys across South America. All the while the interests, preferences, and needs of our guests are at the forefront.

There’s nothing left to say but enjoy South America your way, with our help!”

Our approach to South America travel

We approach each Atelier trip to be as unique as our guests are, and to give them the once-in-a-lifetime experience they deserve. We go beyond the obvious and connect every traveler with their destination through our knowledge and expertise, the technology we use and the respect we have for local people.

Bespoke travel programs tailored to you.
Experienced specialists and guides every step of the way.
A green organization with sustainability and technology at its heart.
Careful and considered selection of local suppliers.
24/7 Concierge services.
Personal travel app to keep you connected throughout your tour.

Our route to the perfect trip

A personal, tailormade trip to South America needs personal, tailored service from start to finish. That’s why the Atelier team will be there from the moment you get in touch to the moment you touch down, from your first exciting day to your final departing flight, and beyond.

Get in touch

Expert itinerary design

Confirmation and flexible payment

Pre-travel Information

24/7 On-the-ground Concierge

Unique memories made

Our operational ethos
This is not a job for us – it’s a dream, our passion.
We consider our partners to be friends and allies, looking after our guests.
Our starting point is to respect and listen to everyone we work with.
We are true South America ambassadors, protecting the wildlife and heritage alike.
Even doing the extraordinary is never too much for our guests.
Transparency and dedication at all times.
Always act ethically before, during, and after a tour.

Find out more about our Responsible Travel Policy.

Eduardo Doig

Director & Founder

Eduardo has academic qualifications in Commercial Aviation and General Management at the PAD, School of Management of the University of Piura. He also boasts over 20 years’ experience in the tourism sector, having participated in promotional activities, training and international travel fairs in more than 30 countries. His previous roles include Latin & North American Market Manager and Regional Marketing Manager at Condor Travel, Global Commercial Manager (also on the Board of Directors) for Viajes Pacifico - Gray Line Tours Peru and General Manager of Venturia, a DMC & Boutique Operator that’s part of INTURSA, the Hotel Group associated with the BRECA Business conglomerate and main operator of Marriott brands in Peru.

Gabriela Sotomayor

Operations Manager & Founder

Gabriela is graduated from Cenfotur with a bachelor of Touristic Guiding. With more than 20 years of experience in Customer Service and Operational areas, has been a member of renowned tour operators such as Lima Tours, Explorandes, and Condor Travel where she handled individual travelers, groups, incentives, and cruise operations. Her expertise also includes the managing role on Atelier Travel, our branch for Outgoing Tourism, focused on the local market, that allow her to explore many destinations in the world, and of course, in Peru and South America.

Walter H. Wust

Special Interest Advisor

Walter has more than thirty years of experience leading programs to assess Peru’s biological diversity. His publications –more than 600 books and guides– have earned him a place as the most important author of works on nature, culture and sustainable resource management in the country. Walter is the director of Wust Ediciones and WW Editores and is a member of the Directing Council of SERNANP, ACCA, IBC, Líderes+1 and CCERO. He is also the founder and face of the new Environmental Engineering and Management major at UPC. He holds a Bachelor of Forest Engineering from the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina with a specialization in Forest Management.