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There’s no doubt that South America is a spiritual place, and not just because of the extraordinary scenes you encounter when traveling here. It also owes its mystic energy to ancient civilizations like the Inca, whose temples continue to instill a sense of awe and healing rituals are still widely practiced to this day. 

The epicenter of the Inca Empire is the aptly named Sacred Valley in Peru, where you can discover extraordinary archaeological sites like Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman and Qoricancha, then experience a traditional shamanic cleansing ritual. Meanwhile, in the Amazon Rainforest, ayahuasca ceremonies have stood the test of time, and over in Salvador da Bahia on Brazil’s eastern coast you can observe or participate in a Candomblé ritual, rooted in ancient West African traditions.

On the other hand, a spiritual retreat in South America might incorporate astrology and cosmology—something that was also much revered by the Inca, in fact. There are amazing places with low light pollution where you can feel connected to the cosmos, particularly in Chile’s Atacama Desert. And then there’s the Elquí Valley in central Chile, a Dark Sky Sanctuary offering mind-boggling stargazing which is also positioned on a powerful electromagnetic center, creating a special energy that lends itself well to spiritual retreats.

Whatever mystical experience you seek in South America, our Atelier Destination Experts will make it happen.