Grupo 1406

Today in the world of tourism, many of us crave meaningful travel experiences that are authentic and have a positive impact on both the communities and environment of our chosen destinations. We want to meet real people, share our skills and learn about the destinations we are lucky enough to reach, aligning ourselves with a sustainable approach to travel along the way. 

Voluntourism in South America is a growing trend and there is so much demand for it now, in an age of consumerism and damage to the environment. At Atelier South America, we can help you make a positive change to communities by providing you with the opportunity to travel responsibly, whether you are passionate about youth work, education and conservation—or anything else!

You might want to teach English or sports to disadvantaged children, join human rights organizations by raising awareness of crucial issues, or help archaeologists in their exciting quests. Alternatively perhaps you’re drawn towards preservation efforts in the Amazon Rainforest or Galapagos Islands, ensuring the protection and regeneration of precious flora and fauna that is continually under threat. By lending your skills on a voluntourism project in South America with Atelier, there waits a positive change to the destinations you visit.