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With the help of Atelier’s knowledgeable Destination Experts, the South America of the 21st century can be a fantastic destination for LGBTQ vacations, with some of the most fabulous Pride festivals, nightclubs and gay-friendly experiences you’ll find anywhere—for those in the know. All of this is, naturally, is woven together with South America’s beautiful landscapes and colorful cultures that are like nowhere else on earth.

The most LGBTQ-friendly countries in South America are Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay, as gay rights here are particularly progressive. Argentina was the first South American nation to legalize gay marriage in 2010, with the capital, Buenos Aires, being a real draw for LGBTQ travelers thanks to an amazing Pride festival taking place every November, plus excellent gay nightlife and the chance to watch same-sex tango performances at queer milongas. Colombia and Brazil are also fun and open places to visit; Bogotá is home to the biggest gay nightclub in South America, Theatron, while São Paulo hosts the largest Pride festival in the world.

There are many more amazing experiences in South America for LGBTQ visitors; get in touch with our Atelier Destination Experts to start planning your own unforgettable trip.