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If seeking to scratch below the surface during your tour of South America, being treated to real rural life and cultural traditions or private museum tours, exclusive dining experiences and personal music performances, then a behind-the-scenes expedition with Atelier is the key. 

For some, staying in a stunning private home while in South America—or simply stopping by for lunch—uncovers a country’s true essence, particularly if you happened to be high in the Andes, out on a working horse ranch or hidden away amongst tropical rainforest, for example. You could find yourself bedding down in Peru or Bolivia on Lake Titicaca’s famous floating reed islands, or lending a hand herding cattle with gauchos in Patagonia, Uruguay, or the Pampas in Argentina. Or maybe learning the medical benefits of jungle plants from a tribe in the Amazon is for you? Well, Atelier can make it happen.

Your Destination Expert is just as easily equipped to fill an itinerary with private picnics in Mendoza, starlit meals in Atacama, overnight stays in grand colonial mansions or personal guided tours around top museums and art galleries too. From intimate shows and exclusive tango performances in Buenos Aires to chef’s table dinners at our favorite fine-dining restaurants, there’s a tailored behind-the-scenes tour of South America to suit everybody.



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10 Days/9 Nights

Peru’s Ancient Past

Discover Peru’s most magnificent, mythical ancient wonders

  • Lima, Chachapoyas, Cusco, Valle Sagrado, Machu Picchu
  • Starts: daily
  • Best time to travel: Year-round tour

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