Starlodge & Skylodge Suites

If you’ve ever wished you could sleep among the stars, this totally unique accommodation will bring you as close as possible to your dream. The Starlodge & Skylodge Suites are clear capsules clutching the mountainside high above the Sacred Valley, where you can sleep with unobstructed views of the milky way. To reach this lofty bolthole, you’ll need to either climb up using the Via Ferrata to reach the Skylodge, or walk up the steps to the Starlodge, the latter being the less taxing option. With guides to lead you and carry your food, you’ll be supported every step of the way. And in the morning you can enjoy a thrilling zipline adventure as you return from the Skylodge.

Rooms at Starlodge & Skylodge Suites

You’ll sleep in a perspex and aluminium pod clinging to the side of a mountain, perched up to 1,200 feet above the valley floor. From here you can gaze out over the beautiful scenery below and up to the stars above you. There are six Starlodge Suites, and three Skylodge Suites, measuring 24 by 8 feet and containing four beds, a dining space and bathroom. Each is equipped with ventilation and an exit portal at the top, for safety. Lamps within the capsules are powered by solar energy, while the bathroom features a dry ecological toilet and sink. Curtains, mattresses, pillows and quilts will make your stay all the more comfortable.

Experiences at Starlodge & Skylodge Suites

The opportunity to stay the night in this privileged position is an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll have:

A private pod on the mountainside with panoramic views of the Sacred Valley.
Access to the Starlodge via steps up the mountain, attached to a lifeline.
Access to the Skylodge by Via Ferrata, a distance of 1,300 feet, returning the next day by ziplining.
Japanese-style, open-air onsen baths at Starlodge.
Dinner and breakfast cooked for you and served in the dining pod.
Guides on hand to take you up the mountain and carry your food.
Safety equipment such as hard hats and harnesses.
Atelier’s pick

If you’re the adventurous type and you have the fitness levels to match, these transparent pods provide an experience you’ll remember forever.


38 miles from Cusco Airport