Tradition, authenticity, and the welcoming charm of a family-run cattle ranch combine at Los Chulengos, a remote Mendoza escape with a difference. The first thing that strikes you when arriving at the Palma Family’s ranch is the landscape. In contrast to the stylish grounds of Mendoza’s luxury wine lodges, Los Chulengos is surrounded by rugged hills, crystalline streams and all the natural hallmarks of a working Estancia. And that’s exactly what a stay at Los Chulengos provides—an immersion into both the countryside as well as the way of life for a family who call this place home. Décor throughout the property is rustic and original, think of exposed beams, handmade wooden furniture and stone fireplaces. And that only adds to the story as every aspect of Los Chulengos is authentic, from the family BBQs each evening to the cross-country horse-riding trails, learning the ways of the land to sipping a fine Malbec before sundown. Home comforts come aplenty at Los Chulengos too, as do the outdoor activities, history, delicious local food and a sneak peak into an alternative side of Mendoza and life amongst the Andean Foothills.

Rooms at Los Chulengos

There are just 3 in suite Guestrooms at Los Chulengos, as well as a separate called Haras House, meaning an intimate stay and a perfect place for small groups or family bookings. As with everything else at Los Chulengos, guestrooms are rustic and original—though perfectly cozy and equipped with everything you need like power sockets, private bathrooms, and other straightforward in-room amenities. As well as the fitting décor of exposed wood and handwoven rugs, all rooms at Los Chulengos enjoy large windows with views out to the grounds or Andean Foothills beyond, giving you all the more reason to enjoy the great outdoors while here!

Experiences at Los Chulengos

Los Chulengos is all about the traditions and realities of Gaucho life, and while here you’ll have the freedom to be as involved as you like in that day-to-day activity, or simply enjoy the isolation of horse-riding and hiking through the nearby hills. Some of the property’s highlights include:

Insight into the traditional Gaucho lifestyle on a working, family-run ranch.
The history of the family’s story and connection with this area will leave you inspired.
Outdoor activities like horse-riding trails, trekking, and fly-fishing.
Delicious home-cooked food, sourced locally.
Comfortable accommodation adorned in traditional décor and fixtures.
Get involved in the family’s day-to-day, from baking bread to tending the horses.
Atelier’s pick

The authenticity of Los Chulengos stands it out as one of the most unique places to stay in Mendoza. The traditions here, working life, and even the lip-smacking cuisine served are not for show—it’s a real slice of life at a remote, family-run Estancia. The welcoming, warm spirit of Los Chulengos is as valuable as the remote setting and escape from the busier parts of Mendoza, when visiting this corner of Argentina.


65 Miles from Mendoza Airport.


6 Guestrooms