This is your refuge in the heart of Asunción. A very big luxury house created and managed by a beautiful family whose mission is to make La Misión your home. A home for many, a place of encounters with others, with yourself, with new possibilities. Get ready to awaken all of your senses, enjoying the sights of its Baroque-Guaraní atmosphere, listening to the sound of nice welcoming voices ready to serve and surprise you, relaxing in the comfort of your room or at the spa… and feasting on a signature culinary experience that blends traditional and international flavors. Solo, couple or family travelers, this elegant cozy space is more than ready to receive you if you want a special holiday retreat or if you need the perfect business accommodation. See, there’s a pool, an open terrace with a great view, but also some incredible meeting rooms and workplaces. Know that you have a home at Paraguay’s capital, stay at La Misión and soon you’ll feel that it has a soul.

Rooms at La Mision

Each room is unique. Different colors and designs are meant to provide a unique experience with all the comfort (and beyond) of a luxury accommodation. Special windows isolate all the outside noise and temperature so you can enjoy a quiet rest, and a spacious living room and workplace will make this space your own. Colonial but modern, elegant but cozy, for business or leisure, every room brings a familiar touch that makes guests want to stay a little longer. From 32 to 98 m2 wide, accommodations include minibar, Wi-Fi, and are set up for singles, couples or groups, satisfying all their needs in the most convenient and pleasurable way.

Experiences at La Mision

Probably you won’t feel like leaving the hotel, but you can always take a look around and come back to your temporary place to relax and unwind.

Go for a walk in the tranquil neighborhood and get to know the city like a local.
Enjoy local gastronomy in top ranked restaurant nearby, such as Tierra Colorada, Pecadora, La Cabrera, La Provista, Pez de Mar Dulce and Patria Parrilla.
From handicrafts to products from the best brands, there is a paradise for shoppers awaiting. Visit the Shopping Mariscal, the Shopping del Sol or Paseo la Galería
Asunción and its surroundings have beautiful natural landscapes, with abundant vegetation. Don’t miss the Costanera de Asunción, the Gold Circuit, the Nanduti Circuit and the Jesuit Route.
Visit the city’s historical sites, like the Lopez Palace, the Cathedral, the Pantheon of Heroes, the Independence House and the Loma San Jeronimo neighborhood.
If you can go a little further, they'll guide you through the most interesting traditional cities and town, like Aregua, Luque, Yaguarón and Yataity.
Plan your special events and meetings at La Mision, they are super prepared to host them.
You can always go back to your hotel to let them pamper you and make you feel at home.
Atelier’s pick

La Mision is one of our personal favorites in Paraguay, as it delivers top luxury accommodation, but being managed by such a nice family you feel like much more than a special guest. No wonder it has won several Travelers Choice Awards.


6.67 miles from Silvio Pettirossi International Airport


37 highly styled luxury suites