There is more to this South American gem than first meets the eye

Argentina is a country that throws up endless surprises. From awe-inspiring geology and rock formations to unexpected wildlife, fascinating culture and bohemian cities all the way to Inca culture and marvels of Mother Earth like Iguazu Falls, or the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia. On this incredible tour, you’ll get to see them all – and more. It’s a non-stop 2 weeks of museums, national parks and extremes – from glacial lakes to desert plains, lunar- like valleys to colonial towns, dramatic coastline, wildlife and iconic cultural moments like a tango show in Buenos Aires or wine tasting in Cafayate. No question about it, this is the All- Encompassing Argentina Tour.

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  • Be amazed by the variety of landscapes, ecosystems and both ancient and modern highlights across this absorbing country
  • Fall in love with Argentine culture, wildlife and natural wonders throughout
  • See the best of Bohemian Buenos Aires and take in a tango show
  • Witness penguin colonies, sea lions, whales and more
  • Visit the “Ends of the Earth” at Ushuaia, the southernmost city on the planet
  • Sail the Beagle Channel, last stop before the South Pole!
  • Watch in awe at the Perito Merino Glacier in Patagonia
  • Feel the force of Mother Earth at Iguazu Falls
  • Sense a different side to Argentina in Salta and the north
  • Lose yourself in otherworldly rock formations and world-class vineyards in the country’s northwest
  • Buenos Aires
  • Puerto Madryn
  • Ushuaia
  • El Calafate
  • Salta
  • Cafayate
  • Iguazu
Perito Moreno Galcier - Argentina - Atelier South America

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The Route


You won't believe your eyes. Every trip to Argentina is unique and your pictures will be too. Get amazed by the people, sites, colors and textures of this incredible destination.

Detailed Itinerary

1 Government Palace Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires - Atelier South America

Day 1 | Buenos Aires

Upon arrival, you will be met by an Atelier representative who’ll help you through the airport and onward to your Buenos Aires hotel. Along the way, soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant city before hotel check-in. Depending on your arrival time, there will be chance to explore some of bohemian “B.A.” with your guide, visiting Plaza de Mayo, colorful La Boca District and the interesting areas of Palermo and Recoleta. This evening, get the full Argentinian experience with dinner and a tango show.

Puerto Madryn Beach © Mario Cuitiño - Argentina - Atelier South America

Day 2 | Buenos Aires/Puerto Madryn

This morning, time can be spent touring any of the areas you were not able to visit on day 1 of your All-Encompassing Argentina Tour, before taking a flight to the coastal city of Puerto Madryn on the Valdes Peninsula. Puerto Madryn is known and loved for its abundance or marine life, including penguin colonies, whales and dolphins, as well as its dramatic coastline, rugged beaches and good restaurants. Upon arrival, the rest of the day is spent at leisure with the help of your guide if you have time for a tour.

Puerto Madryn © Mario Cuitiño - Argentina - Atelier South America

Day 3 | Puerto Madryn

Today is all about the marine life of the Valdes Peninsula, a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site of natural importance. You’ll begin with a trip to Puerto Piramides where, depending on the time of year, you can take a boat tour in search of Southern Right Whales – an unforgettable sight. Next comes Estancia San Lorenzo to witness a Magellanic Penguin colony in their natural habitat, before visiting boisterous Sea Lions on the beaches of Punta Norte. It’s a full day of admiring the wildlife of this untouched place, before returning to your hotel via the interesting Interpretation Center.

4 Beagle Channel, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego - Atelier South America

Day 4 | Puerto Madryn/Ushuaia

Day 4 of your All-Encompassing Argentina tour takes you to the “End of the world”, Ushuaia, the southernmost town on the planet – found on the tip of Patagonia. Beyond Ushuaia lies the South pole, and you’ll get to experience some of those frontier waters with a sailing trip across the Beagle Channel today. Having flown from Puerto Madryn to Ushuaia this morning, set off in search of Sea Lion Island and later the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, found atop one of the truly remote Les Eclaireurs Islands. Above all, simply sit back and admire Ushuaia Bay from the privileged position of the boat throughout. Note: Sailing the Beagle Channel is depending on safety/weather on the day.

5 Esmeralda Lagoon, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego - Atelier South America

Day 5 | Ushuaia

Today’s destination, Tierra del Fuego National Park, is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Argentina, a place of glacial lakes, snow-dusted mountains and incredible hiking routes. Begin with visits to the bays of Ensenada and Lapataia, as well as the serene waters of Lake Acigami, before an afternoon at leisure to explore Tierra del Fuego National Park your way. You may wish to Martillo Island to look for rare Papuan Penguins, kayak on one of the surrounding lakes or take a walking/hiking trail through the forests and into the hills, the choice is yours.

6 Perito Moreno Glacier Forest, El Calafate - Atelier South America

Day 6 | Ushuaia/El Calafate

Day 6 takes you to El Calafate, where some of Argentine Patagonia’s greatest natural wonders await. Depending on the time of your domestic flight from Ushuaia to El Calafate, you can spend the rest of the day at leisure.

7 Perito Morenio Galcier Navigation, El Calafate - Atelier South America

Day 7 | El Calafate

El Calafate is an unforgiving, mountainous landscape that’s home to windswept plains, glacial streams and an interesting cultural heritage, too. You can get to grips with both the human and natural sides of this wild region today, with the main highlight being a trip to Los Glaciares National Park, witnessing the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier up close on a boat trip along its imposing façade. Larger than the whole of Buenos Aires and standing 240ft tall, Perito Moreno is a true marvel of Mother Earth. Having traversed ice bergs in the glacial lake that surrounds, you’ll get to see this incredible sight from the boat as well as from afar, walking the scenic trails on an adjacent cliff for stunning elevated views. Perito Moreno always leaves a mark on those lucky enough to visit.

8 Cafe Tortoni Buenos Aires - Atelier South America

Day 8 | El Calafate/Buenos Aires

Depending on the time of your flight ack up to Buenos Aires, day 8 of your All-Encompassing Argentina Tour can be taken at leisure, heading out on a morning hike, enjoying a boat ride on Lake Argentino, or simply admiring the views from your hotel with a good book. Later, you’ll be transferred to the airport for a domestic connection to Buenos Aires where you can spend the evening at leisure, finding a gourmet restaurant or taking in a show.

9 Morning Jungle, Iguazu Falls - Atelier South America

Day 9 | Buenos Aires/Iguazu

The once-in-a-lifetime natural wonders keep on coming today, as the icy spectacle of Patagonia swaps for the tropical jungles of Iguazu National Park, and the spellbinding Iguazu Falls. Having flown from Buenos Aires to Iguazu this morning, you can experience the ferocious power of these falls on an exciting boat ride right up to one of the main drops – one of 275 drops that make up Iguazu. Time permitting, you may want to take one of the many surrounding walking trails to see things from the riverbank, ahead of a further exploration tomorrow.

10 Sunrise at Falls, Iguazu Falls - Atelier South America

Day 10 | Iguazu

Fresh from your adrenaline-filled adventure up to the falls on day 9, today you’ll have chance to explore the wider Iguazu National Park and its rich biodiversity, and witness the spectacular falls from above. Beginning with a gentle stroll through the forest that lines the Iguazu River, your personal guide will lead you along walking trails to a series of elevated viewpoints, including above the infamous Devil’s Throat where 14 formidable drops plunge water with unimaginable force. It’s one of the great natural spectacles in South America, and you can enjoy today at your own pace – including further wildlife walks, a view from the Brazilian side of Iguazu, or another boat ride. Note: Some Iguazu tours can be interrupted by high water levels and weather conditions.

Salta City ©Ministerio de Cultura Salta - Salta - Argentina - Atelier South America

Day 11 | Iguazu/Salta

From natural treasures to those of mankind, your next stop – courtesy of a domestic flight and awaiting transfer – is the pretty colonial city of Salta, in Argentina’s north. Salta is home to atmospheric streets, ornate buildings and churches – plus a host of great local restaurants and the unmissable MAAM High Altitude Archeological Museum which you’ll visit this afternoon. In particular, look out for the fascinating Inca artifacts and ancient “Llullaillaco Children” mummies. This evening is spent at leisure. Note: The MAAM Museum is closed on Mondays.

San Francisco Basilica ©Inprotur - Salta - Argentina - Atelier South America

Day 12 | Salta

The irresistible variety that you’ll find throughout this magnificent tour continues as you head into the beautiful Jujuy Province, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Argentina’s remote northwest. Here, you can lose yourself in otherworldly rock formations of myriad colors and impossible angles as you enter a true South American wilderness. You can take the day at your own pace, stopping off at interesting viewpoints, hiking spots and areas of outstanding natural beauty throughout. This evening is spent at leisure back in Salta.

Cachi- Argentina - Atelier South America

Day 13 | Salta/Cachi/Cafayate

A simply stunning region surrounded by awe-inspiring geology, verdant valleys and some of the best vineyards in Argentina, the final major stop on this All-Encompassing Argentina Tour makes for a worthy climax. Travelling from Salta this morning, the first destination of note is the Calchaquies Valleys, a mesmerizing expanse of verdant plains and striking rock formations before the quaint colonial town of Cachi, for something altogether different. Next up comes the lunar-like De las Flechas’s Gorge – which feels like travelling through a different planet, before arriving at Cafayate for the evening.

Quebrada de las Conchas ©Visit Argentina - Cafayate - Argentina - Atelier South America

Day 14 | Cafayate/Salta/Buenos Aires

What better way to round off this unique South America tour than with a visit to a fine winery, a scenic drive through the gorges and valleys of Argentina’s north, and back to colonial Salta for a flight to the capital? That’s exactly what you can expect on your penultimate day in Argentina, all of which can be enjoyed at your own pace – depending on the time of your flight to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival in the capital, you’ll be transferred to your hotel for one final night in this absorbing, bohemian city.

Floralis Generica Buenos Aires - Atelier South America

Day 15 | Buenos Aires

As your trip draws to a close, you may have time for one final walk around the neighborhood before your onward flight home, full of priceless memories of Argentina.

Spices of the North ©Ministerio de Cultura Salta - Salta - Argentina - Atelier South America2


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