There is so much to live and discover in Perú and you can find plenty of beautiful pictures and interesting information on its bountiful landscapes, historical cities, ancient culture, beaches, its numerous archaeological sites and world-famous gastronomy. One wouldn’t mind taking a long vacation to delve into all of its richness. But this time we are talking about your honeymoon, a once-in-a-lifetime event and probably the beginning of a most precious life journey together! So you want to choose what best matches your vibe and desires to celebrate the joyful union. That’s why we have made our own cherished selection of honeymoon activities in Perú. Feel what most awakens both spirits while we help you prepare the magic blend that will make your dream trip come true.

Epicurean experiences in Lima

If you are hopeless foodies we need to talk about Lima. Peruvian food is worldwide known for its amazing food and the capital proudly offers a handful of nicely designed culinary tours and fine dining opportunities to its visitors. Top-ranked restaurants, mouthwatering flavors and smells, understated street food treasures and passionate chefs willing to share their knowledge, are waiting to be known and savored by the pleasure-seekers. For sure, you’ll eventually find yourself walking the streets of Barranco neighborhood and adding its colonial sights and bohemian vibe to your romantic sensorial experience.

Deluxe picnic and Andean Blessing ceremony in Cusco/Sacred Valley

The setting is ready. Clouds caressing the peaks of stunning colored mountains and a mystic atmosphere are to be the frame of your own personal romantic scene. The picnic, whether in Cusco or the Sacred Valley, will be anything you want it to be. We can take you to a secret spot and set a five-star table with gourmet dishes, but a more rustic typical Andean picnic is also at hand. As private as you need it, as luxurious as your hearts wish. Live music could accompany the event and if it’s the right feel for you, a local Chaman or Paco will be delighted to guide you through a traditional ceremony. However you decide to do it, this moment will definitely represent a sacred blessing from the Andes to you.

Desert Adventure & Yachting from Hotel Paracas Luxury Collection

If there is a place where adventure truly meets luxury is at Paracas Natural Reserve. Both are infinite, as you will discover if your heart jumps when picturing a 335,000 hectares territory home to around 1,500 animal species. Sand, wind and beaches invite you to take an amazing 4WD ride over the desert dunes, try your sandboarding if feeling adventurous, and close the day watching the sunset under a Moroccan tent just for you, eating delicious food and toasting with champagne. We’ll arrange a deluxe glamping here or take you to the one and only Hotel Paracas where you can relax, indulge in every possible pleasure or balance the dry sand experience with lots of nautical activities, like scuba diving or a private yacht tour to the iconic Ballestas Islands from the hotel’s own beautiful dock.

Amazon River Luxury Cruises

Iquitos is your entrance to a sacred jungle guarded by ancient trees. A luxurious cruise is your vessel to let nature’s magic astonish every cell of your body while navigating the Amazon River. Comfy cabins, fantastic food, an observation deck and a plunge pool assure a sumptuous stay at the cruise, and expert local guides promise to take you on land expeditions in an abundant interaction with the most amazing rainforest on Earth; expect to see caimans, monkeys, parrots, medicinal plants, and many rare species on your wildlife walks. If you are two who can’t resist the call of the forest, you should know that mystery and exuberance rest upon the Amazon riverbanks, waiting for your presence to connect with the full power of nature’s love.

As romantic as it gets aboard the Hiram Bingham Train

There is something undeniable about trains and romance. Thousands of love stories take place on a train, in films, books, songs and paintings. You can be the triumphant protagonists of this love story journeying from Cusco through the Sacred Valley and up to Aguascalientes aboard the Hiram Bingham train. A thrilling adventure with breathtaking views and exquisite elegance pulsating through the carriages. Have a delicious brunch or a gourmet dinner, grab a Pisco sour at the cocktail bar, and enjoy the live music and local shows at the observation deck, while your minds take burst shots of these everlasting memories.

Stay over at the Andean Explorer. More train for the lovers

If you can’t get enough of the locomotive romance, there’s always the chance to stay over. Spend one or two nights at the first luxury sleepover train, the Belmond Andean Explorer. Choose one of its splendorous cabins and immerse in its delights while the railway takes you across unexpected natural beauties and the ancient cities of Cusco, Puno and Arequipa. Don’t miss the sights of Lake Titicaca over the window, but also take some time to enjoy the marvelous Spa and the fine dining Peruvian Cuisine. There will be plenty of chances to design your own experience, like staying two nights in Cusco, in the astounding Valle del Colca or surrendering to the pleasures offered by the Cirqa Boutique Hotel in Arequipa.

Spas at Luxury Hotels in the Sacred Valley

Yes, honeymooners need some Spa time, and here, on top of the mountains, you’ll find Peru’s top wellness centers. You’ll see why sacred is now the one meeting luxury at the unmissable Sacred Valley. Rustic modern cabins with huge windows and amazing views, first-class face, foot and body massages, medicinal gardens, the healing powers of water, and natural local ingredients bringing the timeless mysticism of the valley. And the result: pure contentment and delight. Let us guide you through a delicious variety of treatments and opportunities to relax and reconnect with your inner peace in the best spas of the region. Soon, some newlyweds will be unwinding with their feet up and a content smile.

Remote intimate location

Sometimes, when you are with the one you love, all you need is a nice place to enjoy each other’s presence. Perhaps you’ve had enough adventures, or the mood has become more intimate and quiet, like the calm waters of a pristine lake. We know such nice place and it’s more than nice, it’s a remote lodge located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, far from the usual routes, on a quiet peninsula shared only with the Aymara indigenous community. Its name is Titilaka and it offers full board, beautiful rooms with a lake view, land and water excursions and excellent service. Here you will find the perfect excuse to not leave this corner of the world for the next few days (we recommend three nights at least) and sink together in the tranquility of nature in one of the most mystical spots of the Inca realm.

Beach escape to Máncora

A honeymoon can also be as simple and easy as a paradisiac beach escape. What’s not to like? Well, Peru is also home to an amazing beach destination with classic yellow sand, blue waters, palm trees and perfect warm weather. Its name is Máncora and it can be the perfect setting for two lovers if staying at Kichic Hotel. Rooms built with local materials and adapted to the natural environment, you can choose your favorite as each of them has a distinct and unique personality. Wood, stone, large windows, windy curtains flirting with the beachfront view. Passionate seafood or vegetarian cuisine and varied activities like whale watching, yoga class, private cinema on the beach… Really, what’s not to love?

Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Let’s say you have felt lit up by three or four (if not five) honeymoon experiences, but you really wouldn’t want to miss Machu Picchu, because it’s Peru’s most sacred treasure, you know? You can see pictures, you can hear stories, but actually being in this historic sanctuary is otherworldly. If you are up for the hike, you should know that it’s possible to make the Inca Trail in just one day, visiting some other Inca sites along the way until arriving at the marvelous sights of Machu Picchu. Let yourselves be dazzled by this ancient civilization, by the power of its history, and feel your hearts beating together at this memorable occasion.

You might feel inclined towards a more luxurious trip, or feel like adventure is your desire. Perhaps you couple are all about the food, rest and pleasure. Or maybe all you want is a sacred retreat to continue blessing the union. The good news is you don’t really need to choose one thing. As you have seen, Peru has it all, and it is totally possible to combine your own personal choice of activities with our passion and expertise until we create together a complete Pleasure, Luxury and Sacred Honeymoon experience that is the perfect fit for both of you.

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